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Panera Bread Company

This is a tribute to Panera Bread Company.

They offer free wireless internet access. This is how you make money off of wifi. Don’t charge for it; charge for your other products. Then the geeks who are interested in wifi will flock to you. Cuz let’s face it, people will support movements they are interested in.

Anyways I’ll keep enjoying my first time to read the news in a week. Be back later.


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the life aquatic

If you have seen either Rushmore or The Royal Tennenbaums and enjoyed them, then you might be interested in Wes Anderson’s new film, coming out later this year. The Life Aquatic, starring Bill Murray, Willem Dafoe, and Owen Wilson, looks to be just as interesting as Anderson’s previous films. That link is to the Ginormous size, there’s also Small, Medium and Large versions.

I really like his movies, they are kind of dark, but they are engaging. And his cinematography is so creative, both of the other movies were depressing but the way he directs it feels light, so that you’re drawn in, but not left depressed. I enjoyed them, and can’t wait for the Life Aquatic.

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meandering the mentalsphere 2

a round of up my findings from across the blog world. I plan on spending the rest of the evening working towards building a nice backgrounder of the Darfur, Sudan issue. Mostly because it’s being covered far too little in the mainstream media, and I”m interested in knowing the ful details.

P.J. O’Rourke has an interview with Colin Powell here. It’s very interesting because Powell comes across as a very pragmatic and well-thought man. I respect that. He has some good thoughts. Also I’m really surprised that it seems like such a new idea, the correlation between the Cold War and the War on Terrorism. You don’t get to that part till about 2/3 of the way down, but it’s interesting to read about. Very true, even though I have very little knowledge about the details of the Cold War. Mental note to self- read up on Cold War. The ending is funny too.

Here’s another facet to the Cambodia lie that Kerry mentioned a time or 5. Still waiting on the Media to pick this story up. He made his war experience the centerpoint of his campaign, I’d sure like to know the facts on it. That article has a harsh tone, but I really think it’s just being brutally honest.

And head on over to Captain’s Quarters for some major diggin on the David Alston story. Alston is a guy who has been interviewed by the media and stuck up for some of Kerry’s claims, but after digging it’s being found that he may have never actually served on a swiftboat with John Kerry. Yikes.

This sounds like a promising move on Bush’s part. BBC did a poll and got lots of positive feedback, from US citizens to Germans to Sudanese (who wanted the soldiers to come relieve the situation in Darfur). I found the BBC summary on World Mag Blog.

And for those of you interested in keeping up with bloggers at the RNC in a couple weeks, this site is apparently going to aggregate all the bloggers into one page. Which is pretty cool.

Does this make sense to you? Me neither…

Last of all, The Economist has an article on Britain’s recent decision to “license” cloning for the purpose of extracting embryonic stem cells. Article here.

Oh, and an added bonus. The NY Times has this to say about Hero A new movie partly directed/written by Quentin Tarantino that looks AWESOME!

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more on kerry

Outside the Beltway has a good round up of articles discussing Kerry’s popularity and memory.

It still seems that Kerry is only trying to be Not-Bush. Which to many is a very appealing idea…but is that really all that they want?

A quote from todays Birmingham new’s was interesting to me:

…Those who have made up their minds are far more unshakable in their resolve. There are today millions of voters who, if President Bush promised a sunny day, would reflexively bring umbrellas to work. There are equal numbers who could probably be convinced that Kerry bought his military medals on eBay.

How true that is. That was from an editorial by David J. Lanoue.

Also, the latest ad from the Bush campaign is very interesting. Especially if the facts are true, and I have no reason to believe they aren’t. You can view it here. The ad is called “Intel”.

That’s all for today.

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transcription of After Hours

I just happened to flip over to a segment on Cal Thomas’s show on Fox News. Hurley and O’neil again.
I did my best to quickly transcribe it, but what I noticed is that while O’Neil is sticking to his story, referring to multiple sources, Hurley’s only response is that you didn’t ask the men who were on the boat. O’Neil says that they contacted those men, but they would not talk. So they rely on all other evidence they have. Most interesting was Hurley’s new position on whether or not Kerry was in Cambodia. here’s my off-the-cuff Transcript. I’ll clean it up a little bit. Hurley’s attitude from the get go was that of frustration and personal offense, while O’Neil just seemed confident.

O’neill: unfit for command for X reasons (lied to get medals, lied about cambodia, came home and attacked the war and the men that he served with, even wrote a book that he’s trying to hide)

hurley: this book is a lie and is false because O’Neil didn’t interview people who served with kerry; right wing unfair lying cheating name calling etc.(continues insulting the book as a conspiracy and ad hom’ing O’neil)

o’neill:we looked to over 60 people who served in his division; and at the historical factual documents

hurley: if you go back and look at the records, every single document supports kerry’s story, in addition every single crewmate who was with kerry supports his story; “revisionist history”

thomas: what about the “seared in his mind” story in cambodia? as of friday morning, brinkley for the new yorker is writing a piece that says it was January, not christmas day that he was in cambodia
hurley: they got up near the cambodian border, joined by two others, received fire, pursued the fire, went around a bend, received more fire, may or may not been in cambodia. kerry has revised the statement to say it was not christmas eve.

o’neill: none of the people on kerry’s swiftboats have come forward to say they didn’t go to cambodia

hurley interrupts

o’neill: the facts are that there were boats guarding the border

Thomas:respond to this Hurley

hurley: o’neill is dishonest. he wasn’t in vietnam. it is false. he never interviewed the men who served on the boat with kerry that day.

thomas: Were you ever in Vietnam Hurley?

hurley: No I was not

thomas: so you’re relying on people who are giving their story as well, and Kerry’s story

hurley: i’m relying on the people who were there, if you go back to the documents every single document supports kerry’s story

o’neill: if you go back to the documents, there are blatant lies that anyone can figure out. Such as 3.2 miles of fire…

Thomas: I’m sorry we’re going to have to wrap this up.

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some web fun

For a little humor, try going to Google and changing your Interface Language to “Elmer Fudd”. You can do this by clicking on “Preferences” from the main page.

All it pretty much does is change all the “L”s to “W”s but it is hilarious to read. There are other fun options too. I’m sure I”m the last person on earth to find this, but it’s interesting none-the-less.

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meandering the mentalsphere

This past weekend as I drove down to Gulfport, MS, I had a chance to listen completely to John Kerry’s DNC speech. It seemed to me that in trying to be “Not Bush”, Kerry has staked his campaign on two issues: War Experience and Values. This is kind of silly to me.

In his speech, after spending something like 15 minutes on the War on Terror and his war experience, he admits that we are facing an enemy like we have never faced before. Now with out rambling, let’s look at the net net. I should vote for Kerry because he served in a traditional war, and is going to use that experience to help us fight our new war. He has no actual experience fighting terrorism, but he did serve in Vietnam. Whereas Bush has fought terrorism now for 3 years. Along with the fact that there have been no attacks in the US since 9/11, he has gone on the offensive, routing countries to help eradicate terrorism all over the world. He did not go back and forth, he did not compromise, he said You are with us or you are against us. Then he invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, and has done much to help other countries find terror cells in them. He (as commander in chief) decided America’s position and then stuck to it.

And that brings me to Kerry’s other campaign foundation. Values. Now I’m not sure what most people consider to be values, but let me provide a simple definition.

To determine or estimate the worth or value of; appraise.
To regard highly; esteem.

Bush has staked out National Security as his value. He has said that is the most important thing, and then set out to establish it for our country. Kerry has been unable to prove that he has a position on what’s best for America. He flip-flops on the war, he flip-flops on abortion, he flip flops on a lot of issues. And I’m not saying Bush has stuck to everything he has ever said. I don’t actually agree with him on some of his positions, (economically mostly), but in the issues that are most important now, I see Bush with the right type of experience.

Now onto news and interesting links.

I love my job. I’m happy to say that, many people wish that they did something they love. Well I do. When ever I describe my job to others I do it in glowing terms. Every day work is fun. I think everyone has a job that they were meant for, something that perfectly fits their interests and passions. Which is why I like stumbling across this article from Business Evolutionist. It’s not completely on loving your job, but the story at the beginning is interesting, since the Diamond sellers last name is my first. It’s also interesting that as I peruse the blogosphere, I am watching A Beautiful Mind about a man who did what he loved to do. Good movie.

Tis so interesting the two sides on this Swiftvets controversy. Here Spinsanity (who happened to be on the Daily Show earlier) talks about how the Media is spinning the controversy. But he’s very much not for the swiftvets, and apparently doesn’t think they have a very credible case. He quotes from Factcheck, and I can’t find the link right now, but the Factcheck article was found to have many holes in it. I wish I had time to read Unfit for Command, and get the full story. But as it is, the link to the Swiftvet’s letter is the most evidenced report i’ve read so far.

On a different subject, I have to say that Blockbuster is making some great strides in it’s business strategy. Wired News reports on it’s new service to rival Netflix. I did a trial of Netflix a few months after it opened it’s digital doors a few years ago. The rules have changed since then, but the one thing I didn’t like was the wait for movies- when you had some friends over to watch a movie, you either watched the movies you had then from Netflix, or you went down and rented the movie from Blockbuster. The great thing about the new Blockbuster service is that it includes 3 free instore rentals per month. So at any time when you have that sudden urge to watch Dumb and Dumber with your friends – run down to Blockbuster and grab it. Cool stuff.

On the tech side of things, since my aforementioned job is a geeky one (Video editing), I pay attention to Apple. I’m actually going to be purchasing a beautiful new 17inch Powerbook within two weeks. So I was quite happy to see the new Production Suite released last week. The three programs (Final Cut Pro HD, DVD Studio Pro 3, and Motion) are $1800 normally. In the package, only $1200. But for a 19 year old student like myself, they are only $500. Just one more reason I am a fan of Apple, they are friendly for students and educators.

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