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Mass Graves Found

What is it that the Americans I mentioned below are apologizing for?

It’s not that. It’s not the genocide committed under Saddam. No, it’s the spread of freedom.

I could be wrong, but I believe that if we could go back and ask the people who have died in the fight to liberate Iraq if they felt their death was a mistake or didn’t accomplish anything, very few of them would feel it was.

However I don’t find anything purposeful or any accomplishments worth bragging about in the mass killing of women and children.

More info Here


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The Apologies for Iraq Project

A Small Victory has a wonderful post regarding the new For Iraq project.

These are common people (read: liberals or people under the influence of liberals) who are taking pictures of themselves holding signs “apologizing” for our actions towards Iraq. I’m not sure which actions, or what completely needs apologizing for.

Michele at A Small Victory doesn’t either. Her post is much more eloquent than I could ever be.

Read on here.

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Shudders in horror

Bill Clinton, while being mildly despicable for some of his practices, at least was an engaging and interesting communicator. He connected.

George W. has a good old boy style that i’m sure hacks off many New Englanders; because we all know a southern accent = stupidity. But for me he’s very fun to listen to, because he’s not afraid to show a little honest emotion, to get a little riled up. And I actually believe him when he talks about loving his wife.

But I just don’t know if I could stand listening to John Kerry for 4 years. His speaking style is just…blech. It reeks of “this is what i’m supposed to say, and now let me smirk as you applaud me”. He just seems so cocky and uppity, and I hate that.

I watched what MSNBC showed of a GWB campaign speech today vs a JFK speech, and the contrast to me is black and white.

I’ve already put my two reasons for voting for Bush. But add a third. I want to enjoy hearing my president speak.

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Club for Growth

The Club for Growth has two awesome campaign commercials. Clearly a Republican 527, they also have creativity on their side.

And they also know how to present movies in 3 different versions; Real, Windows, and Quicktime.

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Series of Letters

Captain’s Quarters blog is posting a series of letters from an experienced war veteran (served in every war since Vietnam) written to his children to explain why we fight, and who our enemy is.

Sometimes in today’s nuanced world, it’s nice to remember the simple facts. Each letter is written in very simple terms; more will be posted as the weekend and following week continues.

You can see Part 1 here.

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It’s been awhile since i’ve done a roundup

Here I am again. I’ve been reading a ton lately, but haven’t really posted the good stuff. I’ll try to sift back through things that have interested me lately; in between finishing up some video work for Communicators for Christ {shameless plug}.

The end of last week marked the release of the the Iraq Survey Group’s report. The best analysis I’ve read of it was this article in the Economist. Glenn Reynolds has some interesting analysis on the report and it’s repurcussions for the Kerry plan. More information from NRO here. Many people have pointed out that the allies Kerry wanted to draw in (France, Germany, Russia) were all being paid off by Saddam via the Oil-for-Food program. Meaning that the people grading Kerry’s “global test” were all pretty biased – against us/him.

Powerline Blog had some good links with good news on the election in Australia, the first A country to have an election last week. Also check Instapundit here, here, and here.

If you feel like reading for half an hour, Shape of Days blog has an intensive dissection of John Edward’s appearance on Meet the Press.

Okay, hang on a sec. Let me boil that down. Sen. Edwards said, “No, I would respectfully disagree [that Iraq was a diversion.] … [approx. 200 words omitted] … [T]he president needed to stay focused on the war on terrorism in addition to Saddam Hussein.” In other words, he said, “No, it wasn’t a distraction” at the beginning of his answer and “It was a distraction” at the end. And it took me about ten minutes of careful staring and diagramming sentences to figure that out.

Read the entire thing here.

For some odd reason last week, I spur of the moment bought a cd off iTunes. It was William Shatner’s latest release; Has Been. The title track, You’ll have Time, and Common People are the best tracks. It’s an interesting cd – Shatner only does spoken word. The cd contains a mix of satire, introspection, and some seriousness. It’s definitely one of the most unique cd’s i have…I can think of few other tracks I have that are spoken word… a random poem on a cd, maybe Radiohead’s Fitter Happier, but not many others. Shatner’s previous release was Fear of Pop, also featuring Ben Folds. I don’t have that one, so I can’t comment on it.

I do believe that’s all for me now. If you’re looking for more to read about, try scamming blogs for interesting news on Afghanistan – aside from a minor hitch at some polling locations involving water-soluble ink, the first democratic election EVER in that country was a great success. The UN and US both agree on this; that surely means something. Blogs are excited, the media is not. If it could happen in Afghanistan I guess the media recognizes it might could happen in Iraq. But that would mean that Bush might have been successful, and that’s not good for Kerry.

Hopefully next week I’ll be able to publish a review of Team America. I can’t wait for this movie. This post makes me very anxious. 🙂

UPDATE I had to come back and post this. Since the media decided not to acknowledge the Swift Vets for Truth (who are now the Swift Vets and POW’s for Truth), attacks on Kerry’s war experience have mostly faded. And he learned not to mention his war experience….much. But he still does, and his experience is still in question. This letter at World Mag Blog made a very powerful charge.

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Who’s Presidential Now?

Quite a bit has already been said about the second Presidential Debate. There was liveblogging at Instapundit, Powerline, and Polipundit. Some interested post-debate analysis at Shape of Days. He actually took the questions and answered them how he wishes Bush would have answered them.

The pundits are landing either with major Bush win, or a draw, which counts a Bush win. They say that because Bush did so poorly last time, that for him to at least match Kerry this time counts as a win. Personally, I’m with the first decision. I think that Bush won overwhelmingly. He does well with people to interact with, he’s able to read the situation and respond to faces. Tonight he was heartfelt and energetic and didn’t let his reactions show; which can’t be said for Kerry (except maybe the latter).

I wanted to comment on the two issues that I see as utmost in this election, at least for the Christian voter. Yes I’m a Christian and no I’m not afraid to make the claim that these are the most important issues for us to look at. Tonight gave us amazing insight into George Bush and John Kerry’s positions on abortion and stem cell research; in short, I think we now know where the candidates stand when considering Sanctity of Life.

John Kerry was asked a question tonight about stem cell research by someone who apparently had done some research in writing the question. She asked:

LONG: Senator Kerry, thousands of people have already been cured or treated by the use of adult stem cells or umbilical cord stem cells. However, no one has been cured by using embryonic stem cells. Wouldn’t it be wide (sic) to use stem cells obtained without the destruction of an embryo?

Kerry proceeds to say that he deeply respects her morals and understands what makes her ask that. Yeah, my foot. His “answer” to the question consisted of talking about how Bush is blocking embryonic stem cells and why he thinks that it’s not really an issue of ethics (that was a bit implied). John Kerry communicated to me tonight that on the issue of stem cells, he does not see it as an issue of ethics. He also showed that he apparently hasn’t done any research on the subject, or read any reports on the issue.

George Bush replied to the question beautifully – partly. He explained the moral dilemma that one faces when looking at this issue. He explained that he decided not to fund embryonic stem cell research anymore than the pre-existing lines. He didn’t worry about apologizing that those pre-existing lines are contaminated or running out. Because he doesn’t see it as an issue of how is the government supporting science. He sees it as an issue of does the US treasure life? And he explained it that way. I say that he answered partly though, because he missed his chance to talk about adult and umbilical stem cells, something that many people may not know about.

The second issue is abortion, which came up in a question asked to John Kerry as well.

DEGENHART: Senator Kerry, suppose you are speaking with a voter who believed abortion is murder and the voter asked for reassurance that his or her tax dollars would not go to support abortion, what would you say to that person?

Here is where I was seriously ticked off. Kerry pretends to hold to the Pro-life ideology. Kerry pretends to respect others who do. But he proceeds to dismiss all Pro-life Morals because he can’t legislate his faith issues on others. Let’s think clearly on this. If it’s a moral stance to be against abortion, then it is logically a moral stance to be for abortion. And since John Kerry will not legislate his morals, he is thus legislating the opposite morals. And that is not respecting the morals that lead someone to ask the question. That is not truly holding onto the position he claims is his. John Kerry is not pro-life. I can not emphasize that enough.

On top of that, he uses the the most stretch-of-the-imagination exceptions to defend his stance on abortion. He is against parental notification because what of the girl who is raped by her father. Yes, that is a horrible situation. But what of the thousands of other girls yearly who weren’t raped by their father, who are able to get abortions without their parent’s consent, without their parents even knowing. The one in a thousand does not strike down a necessary law. Secondly, he says that he is for a partial birth abortion ban, when there is exceptions for the mother’s health. I do not think anyone who has ever seen a picture, who actually understands the process would EVER want to defend or allow partial-birth abortion. It is gruesome, horrible, and unnecessary, not to mention WRONG. But John Kerry never stated it was wrong. He never even seemed to make it an issue of ethics. He wants to look at it from a “practical” standpoint.

I am here to say that I do not believe the issue of whether or not we value life is an issue of practicality or pragmatism.

George Bush recognizes that. He answered her question bluntly. He said that taxpayer’s money will not be used to fund abortion. Bush is not afraid to do what he can to legislate his morals, and limit the destruction of life. He also understands that even for the President it’s an uphill battle, so he looked at practical ways we can create a culture of life.

I don’t agree with President Bush on everything he does. I don’t think he’s infallible. I used to have a problem with saying that if you’re a Christian then you only have one quote.

But this is the truth. The sanctity of life, is the basis of all our government policy. The sanctity of life is a fundamental issue. Any one who wants to diminish the importance of Human life should not be a leader or figure of authority in America.

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