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Star Wars, give me some star wars

Nothing but star wars… lala la (That’s from the old Bill Murray SNL sketch, from when the original Star Wars came out…).

I saw the new Star Wars a few weeks ago, but I didn’t feel interested or moved enough to actually write about it. From my point of view, what the critics have said is correct. The dialogue sucks, the emotions are not believeable. Natalie Portman is gorgeous.

But of course, teh whole reason we go to watch Star Wars is to see how George Lucas expresses his imagination through the lens of cinema. And he didn’t let us down. Some beautiful backdrops and gorgeous expanses. Yet the film was lacking in depth in more than just its dialogue, and Orson Scott Card does a beautiful job of illustrating this in a column on Beliefnet.

via the Metafilm Blog.


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The Information Age

Saturday night: Meet with friends at Barnes and Noble to see a movie. While there, recommend a book, Freakonomics, to a friend who is CEO of a web-based real estate company. He’s interested, we leave B&N.

Sunday passes, Monday evening comes: See post with hearty recommendation of the book, as well as interesting impact of facts to you the consumer, on the blog of said friend.

What’s even cooler, is I found out about the book via blogs themselves, although the latest Wired Magazine reminded me it had been released.

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Apple Prices

  • Upgrade from Production Suite to Final Cut Studio: $499
  • Upgrade from Panther to Tiger: $69
  • Upgrade to iLife ’05: $59

I could spend over $600 just to have updated software. But I won’t. But I could.

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Ben Folds on CNN

CNN has a good article on Ben Folds today, briefly talking about where he’s been and such. It’s here.

Ben Folds is most definitely one of my favorite artists ever, there are so many qualities about his music that I love.

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Kids today are getting old too fast
They can’t wait to grow up so they can kiss some ass
They get nostalgic about the last ten years
Before the last ten years have passed

-Ben Folds

So true. Tonight I want to be old because an Andrew Peterson song is running through my head (and repeating on iTunes) – “Alaska or Bust” is about an old man who was dying of cancer, but one day fulfilled a life long dream, and packed his bags, hopped in the car with his wife, and drove to Alask, where he’d always wanted to go. He lived in Florida.

How romantic and beautiful. I want live like that. Songs and movies evoke such emotion in me, but I hope as time goes by, I don’t leave it at that. I had a beautiful random weekend these past few days, feeling a lot younger than 20. And I liked it. I want that still, always. When I’m married, when I have kids, when my kids move off. I don’t want a lot of talk, I just want good memories. And I think I’m on a good track.

Alaska or Bust
and the doctor says i’m healthy for an old man dyin’
i’m well enough to sieze a few more days…

there were days when i imagined that the clouds were mountains
towering above the rolling ocean
and i was sailing on my tractor
turning hay out on the pasture
catching salmon of my own while i was mowin’

so get in, i’ll do the driving,
the bags already packed and in the trunk
so Margie get in, there’s not much time
i’ve been runnin’ but the cancer’s catchin up
the town won’t see us go if we’re in luck
so come on it’s alaska or bust…

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Design is simple.

The best designs are simple.

If well said, the least amount of information contains the most communication.

Anyone can throw tons of colors and clip art together, but it takes trained eyes to decide what to take out.

I’m learning that, isn’t that cool?

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Side of the Road

by Ben Folds

You wait in the car on the side of the road
Let me go and stand awhile
I wanna know you’re there
But I wanna be alone
]If only for a minute or two
I wanna see what it feels like to be without you
I wanna feel the touch of my own skin
Against the sun
Against the wind

I walked out in a field, the grass was high
It brushed against my legs
I just stood and looked out at the open space
And a farmhouse out a ways
And I wondered about the people who lived in it
And I wondered if they were happy and content
Were there children and a man and a wife?
Did she love him and take her hair down at night?

If I stray away too far from you
Don’t go and try to find me
It doesn’t mean I don’t love you
It don’t mean I won’t come back and stay beside you
It only means I need a little time
To follow that unbroken line
To a place where the wild things grow
To a place where I always used to go

If only for a minute or two
I wanna see what it feels like to be without you
I wanna know the touch of my own skin
Against the sun
Against the wind

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