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I’m not going to try and post too often about podcasts, but I couldn’t pass this one up. Director Danny Boyle did a special 5 minute podcast in conjunction with the release of his previous movie Millions [review], which came out this past spring.

It’s only about 5 minutes long, but he really comes across as a very interesting guy, someone you’d love to have a longer conversation with. Plus there’s some brief behind the scences info about how he made the movie.

The full blog entry/article + podcast can be found on Fox Searchlight’s page, or you can download the podcast here.


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Deep thought

Burt Lancaster is a funny name.

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New Podcast tools

While this is gut reaction – after skimming iTunes 4.9’s podcasting support, I believe that I prefer Odeo more.

The iTunes music store is well suited for browsing music – where the goal is to get to the song as quickly as possible, but in a podcast, the audio is not the only focus. You want to know the content of the show, the authors, and what anyone else has to say about it, and Odeo is much better suited for that.

Unfortunately, Odeo is still in beta and according to Evan Williams says that they aren’t sending out anymore invites. iTunes however, is availible today.

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For the first time, I’m actually a Beta tester! This means that I’m using a service|program before it is available to the general public. Pretty cool. The service I’m using is the new Podcasting aggregator called Odeo.

Some further detailed explanations:

Podcasting: A mash-up of the words iPod and Broadcasting. It’s pretty much home-made radio, the next evolution of the blogging paradigm. If people are interested in what I type, then maybe they’re interested in what I’m speaking. Podcasting is an idea that has taken off even faster than the iPods it’s named after – which are the original devices that really give it legs. But it all boils down to people making homemade shows based on their interests, and serving them up via the web.

Aggregator is a fancy term for a program/website that pulls all the different podcasts that are available across the web together. The idea behind an aggregator is you can pull in all the shows that have caught your interest and the program will check for new shows, and download them automatically for you. Then all you have to do is add them to the portable MP3 device of your choosing [or not, you can listen to them on your computer too], and then listen to them at your leisure.

Odeo expands on the Aggregating idea, by not only being a service that will automatically download the latest Podcasts of your choosing, but it actually has created separate pages for every show that is added to the site [and any podcast can be added, very easily], so that you can browse different shows, and even listen to streaming versions of the shows straight from the website.

So is Odeo worth checking out, once it goes completely public?

Well I’m still working through the site, trying to use it as extensively as possible. But so far I find it a lot better than any other Podcatchers i’ve used [such as iPodder, or iPodderX, or even my News Aggregator of choice Newsfire].

I love the ability to surf hundreds of podcasts within one site. Once I find something I’m interested in, I have 3 choices – I can hit Play and listen to the streaming version, I can queue up a single show that looks promising, or I can subscribe to the channel. Subscribing to the channel will automatically add new content to my queue as it becomes available.

Finding podcasts is also well covered – following the same general ideas as Flickr or Technorati: tags and keywords. All shows are tagged, and you can browse by tags from any page on the site. Also there is an extensive search that looks at channels and single shows. The best way to find podcasts at the moments though is by popularity, you can look at which shows have the most subscribers, a great way to find out what is generating the most interesting.

The last thing I’ll say about Odeo is I hope the comments feature is taken advantage of much more than it is now – it has the potential to be like the User Reviews section of Amazon or Netflix, which are great ways to find out what is really worth checking out, and what is crap. Very cool.

So far I’m loving Odeo, and I’m sure I’ll have more to say about it as time goes on.

Other links:
[Geek News Central]
[Make Magazine]
[AnarchoGeek] [Odeo developer]
[Interview of Odeo founder Evan Williams in Playlist Mag]
[Undisclosed Location]

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But, I love you man!

Anyone else remember the old Jonny commercials for Bud Light? I think those were the commercials that started my family’s appreciation/love of Beer commercials. Ever since then we pay attention to commercials, and talk about the ones that crack our crackers, and change the channels when we hate the ones playing. That’s how it is. We interact with advertising – but not on the level that that advertisers hope for. We can hardly ever remember the products or companies being advertised.

Anyone else have that problem? The advertising connects with you – but on the creativity|humor level, not the must buy level. Anyways there’s been a lot going around about advertising… some people predicting radical shifts in marketing paradigms over the next few years – especially in relation to television advertising. Jeff Jarvis has lots more.

And if you want to just watch some good commercials, which was the original intent of my post, then try here.

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I’m back

I’m back. I mean, I never really left, but I finally got some decent internet connectivity [highspeed wireless] at work, so now I can blog a bit while I’m working. Not too much though. But enough.

To start you off, I give you a sneak peak at the latest Cameron Crowe pic. He has directed a few movies, notably Almost Famous. When you watch that movie – particularly the Tiny Dancer sequence – you are sucked in. You can’t help but want to be 15 and on the road with a rock band. It’s one of the most beautiful scenes, in one of the best Rock and Roll pictures ever.

I’m afraid that this next movie, Elizabethtown will make me want to be in my mid 20’s and in love. Random and renegade and running from one thing to the next, with the girl of my dreams by my side. It’s about 7 minutes long, and it’s not a trailer, it’s just images. Kind of like the Garden State trailer – a cinematic poem. It’s gorgeous, and we’ll know nothing else until October.

To quote Cinematical:

See something like this is so unfair, like a cliff hanger ending of 24 or a season finale of Alias. So please, save yourself and stay away because watching this will just make you want more. Crowe is like a drug dealer, selling me the euphoric state of love at 24 frames a second. The first taste is free, and now I have to wait four months to pay for my next fix.

The sneak peak is here.

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Rufus Wainwright

in the beauty of the lilies
Originally uploaded by romanlily.

Beholden, a picture of Rufus at the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta. Surely one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to!

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