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So I have no job. Actually, when I finish typing this post, and walk out the door, I will have no job. My first time in two years to not have a job.

I held my first job for two years. Retail sales associate at Family Christian Bookstore. Boring as crap. Quit that in May of 2002, when I was 17. Didn’t get another job for a year and a half, until November of 2003, and that’s the job I’m quitting today.

I owe a lot to this job. I’ve loved it, and it’s bittersweet to leave.

I had more to write about this, but now I’ve got nothing. So I’m just going to go home, and watch a movie.


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To the anonymous person

Who told me to fix my f****** site, because it’s screwed up, I have one thing to say:

Get Firefox.

My site is screwed up in IE, i know. But I don’t have time to fix it now, and I am the webmaster, and honestly, I don’t care, because firefox renders it perfectly.

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Interesting Changes

NetNewsWire has [as of today that i’m noticing, but i’m sure has done it beforehand] started showing updates to feeds. It will show the changes in green, and the previous version in red with a strike through. I wouldn’t really pay attention to it, except out of the 5 times I’ve noticed, one has been from dooce, and the others have been from news providers [IHT and the BBC].

Here’s the most recent from the BBC, it goes from honest-but-un-PC, to PC:

South Africa aims Africa’s government says it needs new measures to speed up redistribution of farm end racial inequality in land from white to black people – who hold just 20% of it. ownership.

Pretty interesting. If I see any more things like that, I’ll update this post.

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Potential Contest

Scoble throws out a contest idea, and I have to say, I’d participate. A photo contest for stock backgrounds with Windows Vista. He guesstimates that the top 1000 would be posted to the web, the top 10 would make it into every copy of Vista, and the winning photograph would be the stock desktop.

I doubt I’d make it, what with the fact I’ll only have a 5mp non-SLR digital, and also I’m not too keen on the Windows Vista name. But hey, what a great way to involve the world, your consumers or customers. Engage them, give them a chance to define an important part of the “New User” experience.

Actually what’s cool about the contest, is that Microsoft would still have complete control over defining the look of Vista, it would just have a much wider pool of potentials, and the final choices would act as free publicity for Microsoft + the photographers. Cool contest idea. I think my favorite thing about it though, is how non-geeky it is. There could be lots of contests for Third-party add-ons or Widgets for the Peripheral Display function to be included in Vista. But this contest is pretty much open to all users of Windows, a fact that would cause a lot more of my friends to notice.

10 bucks says it never happens…

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Movie Trailer round up

I like movies. And everyonce in awhile, I take the time to watch movie previews. Here’s some that caught my eye.

Hey look, it’s the Garden State trailer, old people’s version. Same band in the trailer, same “show lots of good looking clips to impress the audience” montage, but missing the hot young faces that made us drool over Garden State. But seriously, I like the Postal Service a lot. I’m not too sure about the movie though. [Imaginary Heroes]

I am sure about Bill Murray, and he’s starring in Jim Jarmusch’s new feature film, Broken Flowers. Bonus points for the film for having a character named Winston, but loss of bonus points for having Bill Murray in a “Man finds out he has a son late in life, and sets out to find him” movie. Yes, this one seems to focus on the past relationships, but still, aren’t you hearing Wes Anderson muttering under his breath “Only I can make Bill Murray into the father he never was!”

Love. At any Cost is the tagline for the film and I nearly didn’t watch the trailer because of it. But it’s from the director of City of God, and it’s actually about global conspiracies… Or am I allowed to say that? Could be an interesting take on the “They’re watching us” genre, just like City of God was a beautiful new take on “I’m poor trying to make it in the world” genre.

I’m still enamored with the Elizabethtown first look. I mean c’mon, it’s just gorgeous. DESPITE the actors.

Could it be a spelling bee movie without homeschoolers? Gasp. Completely not true to life. Akeelah and the Bee.

I think Viggo Mortensen has a rule that he must look completely different from his last movie, before he agrees to a new one. [A History of Violence]

And last of all, who could resist Penguins and Morgan Freeman?

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In Defense of Kirsten Dunst

This is totally out of character for my blog. But that’s ok, because I’m trying to figure out what the character of my blog is. Enough meta-blogging.

Kirsten Dunst gets a lot of flack for not being able to act. I can’t really speak to that. I’m not a good judge of acting – I focus more on cinematography, directing, etc. etc. The directorial aspects.

But you have to admit, that whether or not you like Kirsten Dunst, she has been in some excellent movies.

From her IMDB page we find The Virgin Suicides, Crazy/Beautiful, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Spiderman [1 & 2], and my most anticipated film of this year Elizabethtown. I haven’t seen Wimbledon either, but I heard favorable reviews of that as well.

Let’s all put aside Bring it On, and we realize that no matter what people whine about the girl, apparently she has something that directors love. I tend to think it’s her cuteness.

If you look at Ms. Dunst, you realize she’s not really hot, in Movie Star Hollywood fashion. But there’s something about her that just draws you to her – it seems that though she’s been in hollywood for about a decade, she hasn’t been corrupted by things that corrupt in Hollywood. She seems the opposite of a diva. And directors seem to love that.

And that’s why I think Kirsten Dunst shouldn’t be getting all the hatin’ she gets. She’s a durn good actress and she’s been in a lot better films than most actresses her age.

What brought this on? Watching the Internet First Look for Elizabethtown. I can’t get over it. I downloaded the trailer off Apple and have watched it 3 times today. And I’ll admit it, I’d go on a date with Kirsten Dunst.

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Stock Photos

A while back I was doing some freelance graphics work, and I scoured the web for stock photo sites [preferably cheap ones]. I found a lot, but not exactly what was required.

Then today I’m digging through my hosting site’s admin controls. Usually I ignore all the inner workings, I just upload everything I need via FTP, and login every once in awhile for it’s advanced statistics settings.

And then today I found it. A couple thousand free stock photos for use on my website. A few thousand FREE photos They all are professional and great for web use. Plus clip art, and animated images. I’m still impressed.

Oh, my hosting provider is 1&1 Hosting. Pretty reasonable – $36 bucks for a gig for 6 months, and sign up includes a domain name!

[yes I get money if you click the link. But I would still be raving about the free photos if I hadn’t found the affiliate program]

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