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I don’t feel grown up or responsible. And I probably am not really.

But I’m here at college, on my own, living the vida loca etc. etc. Freshman English is the most demanding class so far, but even in that arena I’ve gotten off easy. Next week I have a killer Western Civ exam [or maybe the next week?], and otherwise I am not too stressed about school.

I kind of think I shall reserve this space for movie commentary from here on out. I’m not too keen on writing about other stuff, and I feel repetitive if I just speak my thoughts.

So what’s new on the movie side? Well right now, I’m watching Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, and I’m thinking that I don’t understand it’s brilliance. Yes Sam Peckinpah is a great director, and yes it’s an interesting story line, but I just don’t see what it’s all about.

Next from Netflix is Gunner Palace, and I believe it will illicit some interesting response from my head o’ heads.

Until then 🙂


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Brick Stack

Brick Stack
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