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I discovered something that I’d not known before. Thus the “discovering” aspect. Mundane findings all too often are quite obvious in hindsight. This holds true right now.

The other night I found a general distaste with computers residing in my head. It’s a new distaste, I’m quite the geek and all my friends+family know it. But I had to feed the distaste… er I’m not really sure what you do with distaste. But I knew what would satiate my hunger – non-computers.

So as I’ve never done before, I stopped at Michael’s on the way home and bought a 9×12 sketchpad, a box of 50 colored pencils, an introductory pencil set, and other fun supplies.

And so I sketched, for the first time in recent memory. It’s been a good long time since I’ve done any sketching to speak of… as best I can remember it was when I was 13 and wrote a short story about a time machine, which I also illustrated and bound into book form for a class project. The creative title was something like “The Time Machine.” Yeah, I was a genius from an early age.

So I began my sketching. The first page contains a note to the sketchbook, and a short line of every color in the colored pencil set. The second page contains three crappy pencil drawings, an ink sketch of my ipod in its dock, a set of emo/old-man-thick-rimmed-glasses, and some weird cartoonish character that evolved from random lines i drew symmetrically.

The third page however, is where the real interest is. It contains my first colored sketches in recent memory, and they look like this:


Pretty good no? I was surprised with myself. The bookshelf is from my mind (and so very complicated), the futon is my bed in my room, as it lay the other night. I miskewed the skewed perspective a bit, but all-in-all I’ll take it.

So what did I discover, you might ask at this point. Indeed. I discovered that creativity is enhanced by analog tools. Instead of picturing something in my head and spending an hour attempting to create it in photoshop, whilst getting distrascted time and again with new techniques, I just draw it out immediately. Then revise, then annotate, then revise again. And upon arrival of an acceptable idea, I just recreate it in photoshop. It’s beautiful, time saving, and fun. I like it.

Now to figure out how to storyboard, so I can do that for filming!


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