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Romantic Tragedies

I love romantic comedies. A good one captures you with its story, appeals to the inner-sap, gives you hope that there remains a good tomorrow, a bright future, a way that all things will work out. It leaves you feeling happy, sappy, and in love with life.

I hate romantic comedies. A good one distorts your view of reality and increases your expectations of it, so that you can be let down even harder next time. A good one reminds you of your singleness or perhaps of how unideal the relationship you’re in is. It leaves you feeling mad, lonely, and angry with life.

Caught the tail end of You’ve Got Mail yesterday, it’s such a good romantic comedy. And I believe each of the preceeding paragraphs is an apt description of the movie and how I felt afterwards. Oh well.


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Bioethics Poems

Dan Taylor

His hair
Shows no care–
Must be rough.
Loose Lips

Waves lap, the sea has hiccups.
Sails flap; stir of a slight breeze.
Bow dips; tide is in flux.
Boom rips;; sound of a loud sneeze.

“Starboard!” Cry of the captain–
One word — four cannons alight.
Hull snaps, how could this happen?
Waves lap; the cliche is right.

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