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The Misses and I went to the Belcourt tonight to take in this film. Loved it. Well, I liked it, and I’d go see it again, but I wasn’t blown away by it. And I’m ok with that.

The film, from writer/director Mike Leigh stars Sally Hawkins as Poppy, a 30 year old primary school teacher in London. She is an eternal optimist, and one starts out believing she lives on a different planet; always laughing and smiling and seemingly naive or oblivious.

As the film develops, we see that while Poppy is almost unstoppably happy, she definitely lives on earth and is aware of pain and has a full gamut of emotions beneath her eternal smile.

It is hard to rate this film for me. I’ve read many reviews that were strong in their praise; I most definitely can’t say anything bad about it. But at best it was a solid film; there is nothing standout or amazing to remark on except the script’s subtlety, the way all characters feel real and the story is complete without any major external conflict or normal script conflicts. 

In the end, Happy-Go-Lucky is an extremely well-done film, one that I wish theaters were premiering more often. The film is well balanced in its lighthearted and tense moments, and the Mike Leigh his cast did an excellent job at crafting a story that is full of reality.


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